Exorcist Steps

Aug 23,2016 - 06:43 AM
By : Greg Perrin
Exorcist Steps in Washington DC
Exorcist Steps

Exorcist Steps - The Exorcist is known as one of the most memorable horror films of all time!  It went on to win Best Director and Best Motion Picture at the Golden Globe Awards as well as an Oscar Award for Best Writing Adapted Screenplay. This movie, made in 1973, is about the demonic possession of a child set in Washington DC. The film ends with the demon leaving the little girl and going into Father Karras’s body. He is able to fight off the demon enough to jump out the window falling to his death down the infamous Exorcist Steps sacrificing his own life to end the possession.

During filming, the steps were lined with rubber and the stunt man got the shot in only 2 takes. When you see them you will be amazed because they are very steep. Students from nearby Georgetown University came to watch the filming of the scene.

Today, horror film enthusiasts and travelers alike can see the Exorcist Steps during a vacation to Washington DC.  They are located in Georgetown on the corner of Prospect Street and 36th Street NW, which has street parking available at the top of the stairs. The stairs can also be accessed from the bottom near M Street. There is an Exxon gas station at 3607 M Street NW, Washington, DC. It’s best to park up above on Prospect Street though as you can leave your car there longer than at the gas station. The stairs are used by a lot of exercisers because of their steepness so sometimes getting a great photo without people in it can take a few more minutes than you would assume.

There is no metro rail service in Georgetown so to get there via rail you would travel to the Rosslyn Metro stop which is on the Blue, Orange or Silver lines. From there you would walk north several blocks and then cross the Francis Scott Key Bridge. Upon crossing the bridge the steps are just a few blocks to the northwest. Travelers can also catch the Circulator Bus at the Rosslyn Metro Stop to avoid the walk across the bridge. The stop at M Street and 34th Street NW is the closest to the Exorcist Steps. If you are in Downtown DC you can also get there on the circulator from several locations. Visit dccirculator.com for maps to all their routes and schedules.

Another option to get near the Exorcist Steps if you don’t have a vehicle is to take the G2 Metro Bus. There is a stop at 37th Street and O Street NW. Then you will just need to walk 2 blocks to the south and 1 block east to arrive. You can find the full schedule of the G2 bus at wmata.com.

The Washington DC government has designated the Exorcist Steps as a historic landmark and there is now a plaque you can see at the bottom of the stairs on the brick wall.

Make sure not to miss a great opportunity to take in this historic movie location during your next vacation to Washington DC. It is a great photo opportunity and story to tell of visiting the site.

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