Mob Museum in Las Vegas

Dec 08,2016 - 03:40 PM
By : Dave Astin
Mob Museum in Las Vegas
St Valentines Day Massacre Wall

Every year millions of people from all over the world travel to Las Vegas, Nevada for its glamourous nightlife and gambling.  But Las Vegas has so much more to offer travelers, especially in the realm of museums. One of our personal favorites in the city here at is The Mob Museum which is located in the downtown area at 300 Stewart Avenue. Recently ranked #19 in the country on TripAdvisor’s list of top Museums for 2016, with visitors hailing from across the globe, representing 36 countries and all 50 states, the Museum is a must while you are in town.

The Mob Museum spans across three floors and is located in a building that used to be a courthouse where some mob trials actually took place. The tour begins on the third floor and guests work their way down. The first activity visitors take part in is a police lineup where they can get a great photo for a souvenir. From here travelers can learn about the rise of the mob and their spreading into Las Vegas. Then learn about the G-Men that battled the mob. Lastly, visitors can see one of the highlights of the Museum which is the brick wall where Bugs Moran’s gangsters were lined up and gunned down in what became known as the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre which took place in 1929 and was linked allegedly to Al Capone. Here you can see the bullet holes still in the bricks. The red on the bricks is not blood though but rather just paint.

On the second floor, Museum goers can see the courtroom where the Kefauver Hearings took place which shined a spotlight on mob activities. Then guests can learn just how large of a reach the mob had on society. Another exhibit currently at the Museum is one of the chairs used in the first gas chamber in the state of Nevada.

The first floor of the Museum will take visitors on the final leg of the tour. Vacationers will learn about bringing the mob down. There is a fantastic exhibit on wiretapping. From here visitors can try their hand as simulated police training with firing mock weapons at a virtual screen. Then guests can learn about modern organized crime. After that, guests can see the 100 Years of Made Men wall that gives profiles on some of the most notable mobsters in history. Also, learn about Hollywood and the mob where there is an exhibit about different mob movies over the years, from The Godfather, to Scarface, Casino, and even TV shows like The Sopranos.  Lastly, guests can enter into the retail store where there is t-shirts, books, movies, hats, and all sorts of apparel and gift ideas for purchase.

Visitors can receive a discount of several dollars on admission to the Museum when they purchase tickets online prior to arriving. The Museum offers several other discounts to Senior Citizens, Students, Military, Law Enforcement, Teachers, Groups and residents of Nevada. Patrons can purchase Museum tickets and get a full breakdown of prices as well as discounts at this link (Purchase Tickets to the Mob Museum). The Museum has parking available at a small fee for the first three hours with an additional fee if longer is needed. If their lot is full guests can find parking at several nearby casinos. knows you will love your experience at The Mob Museum in Las Vegas. It is a must see during your next vacation in Sin City! Travelers can search for nearby hotels on our price comparison tool found at this link (Search for Great Hotel Prices).

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