Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The Terms of Use stated here for TravelingWarrior.com, “us”, “we”, “our”, “website”, applies to all of our services online or on any of our social media or newsletters. TravelingWarrior.com is operated by AllinOneTravel LLC. By use of TravelingWarrior.com, our social media and newsletter, you agree you have read, fully understand and agree to all terms of use listed below.

Copyrights – This website is under the protection of copyright laws of the United States of America and International Treaty Provisions. All content on the website including but not limited to text articles, photos, videos, are copyrighted. At no time is ownership of any text articles, photography, videos transferred to the user for any reason. You may not copy, download, publish, republish, or distribute in any way the text articles, photographs, videos, software or anything else from TravelingWarrior.com. No materials are allowed to be used for commercial use from this website without written consent from AllinOneTravel LLC.

Statement of Usage – Here at TravelingWarrior.com, we require the minimum age of usage to be eighteen years of age or older. If you are under the age of eighteen, please refrain from using our website. In addition, we require all users have the legal authority to enter a legally binding contract. We require you only use TravelingWarrior.com to search for legitimate travel reservations. If you have another person search for pricing on your behalf you will advise them of the terms of use prior to their coming to the website. By using this website, you confirm that all information supplied is accurate and correct. We retain the right to deny access and usage for any reason including violation of the terms of use. All rights not stated in this terms of use are reserved for AllinOneTravel LLC or the owner of any advertisements.

Bookings – When you purchase an airline ticket, hotel, car or cruise, the booking is not made through TravelingWarrior.com.  Our website is just a searching engine to help you look through multiple websites at the same time. All cancelations, disputes, issues or problems with a reservation need to be directed to the website you select to book your tickets through. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless AllinOneTravel LLC from any damages, dispute, claim, demand, actions, liabilities, expenses, costs or loss, including legal and accounting fees due to your consequential or alleged conduct or the conduct of an individual acting on your behalf, violation of our terms or the legal rights of the third party. It is the user’s responsibility to check the weather patterns of the place they plan to visit, such as but not limited to rainy seasons and hurricane seasons. AllinOneTravel LLC has no control over the weather is not liable for bad weather a vacationer has on their trip.

Links – AllinOneTravel LLC is not liable or responsible for practices of other websites that are accessible through third party links on our website, social media or newsletter. Please read and make sure you understand the third party website’s terms or use and privacy policy before usage of their sites.

Prohibited Behavior – You may not use this website or social media to violate any laws including defaming, threatening, harassing, abusing, stalking, or any other legal violation. You may not use this website or social media for spamming in the form of unauthorized advertisement of a commercial venture of any kind. You may not upload a virus, Trojan horses, worm, corrupt files, or any other file that can cause the website harm. You may not impose an unreasonable large load on our framework. You may not frame any portion of this website onto another website without written permission from AllinOneTravel LLC. We strictly forbid the use of any automated programs, algorithms, or piggy-back programs on our website. If you are responsible for fraudulent bookings or activity AllinOneTravel LLC reserves the right to take legal action as a result. You may be responsible for litigation costs, damages, etc. as a result of said fraudulent bookings or activity. 

Privacy and Cookies – For more information on privacy and cookie use, please refer to the Privacy Policy section of this website.

Articles – AllinOneTravel LLC publishes text articles on Travel Ideas, as well as on our Destination Guide of TravelingWarrior.com. We do our very best to keep the articles up to date with the most pertinent information but certain things can happen such as but not limited to, businesses can close, change deals, change exhibits, change locations, change prices, change phone numbers, etc. Our team periodically rechecks the validity of information but AllinOneTravel LLC is not liable for loses that result from the information provided. The articles are solely meant to be a starting point to give users vacation ideas. It is up to the user to research the hotel, airline, beach, museum, festival, or other attraction being referenced to make sure the information is still relevant. If you find that any information provided on the site is no longer relevant, we encourage users to email us through the Contact Us section of the website so the information can be researched and changed if applicable.

Sweepstakes – Our website as well as social media pages display many sweepstakes from third party websites. We highlight travel, cash prize and merchandise sweepstakes.  The information supplied is not the official communication of companies mentioned and is solely to be used as a starting point to find information about the sweepstakes. We do our best to properly vet the companies we highlight but things can change from the time to time like ownership of a company, closure of a company, etc. We advise travelers never to give companies money for winning a sweepstakes and double check the company before accepting any prizes. By signing up for the sweepstakes, the company may put your email address on their mailing list or keep other information you supply them. Before you sign up for any sweepstakes, make sure to read their terms of use and privacy policy to make sure you fully understand what you are signing up for before you insert your personal information.  AllinOneTravel LLC is not affiliated with any of the sweepstakes mentioned on our website or social media. We have no access to the personal information you provide the third party website. AllinOneTravel LLC is not responsible for any losses due to information supplied.

International Travel – It is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure they meet all requirements to travel internationally. Travelers will need a passport. US citizens can obtain a passport through the Department of State. Travelers from outside countries need to check with their government to find out where to obtain a passport. It is the traveler’s responsibility to keep their passport up to date. Many countries require that you have at least 6 months of validity to travel to their country. Some countries require VISAs to enter their country. Some countries require you to submit advanced paperwork, other countries allow you to obtain the VISA at the point of entry. Also, some countries require certain shots or immunizations to enter their country. It is the traveler’s responsibility to make sure to have a valid passport, VISA if required, and have met all medical requirements. AllinOneTravel LLC is not liable for loses that result from negligence on matters where travelers did not have their required paperwork or medical matters in line and resulted in their not being allowed to board an international flight or enter an international country.

Medical – It is the traveler’s responsibility to ensure they are healthy enough to travel. Please make sure to visit your doctor if you plan to travel to make sure you are medically able to complete planned travel. AllinOneTravel LLC is not liable for loses due to medical ailments. We encourage all of our users to purchase travel insurance after booking any vacations to ensure you are covered in the case of medical issues that could happen before or during your travel. Also, the Zika virus is currently in many parts of the world including but not limited to South America, Central America, Caribbean, Pacific Islands, and even parts of the United States. TravelingWarrior.com advises people to listen to the guidance from the CDC and to any travel advisories they make about the Zika virus or any other health emergencies.

Applicable Law – The terms of us are governed under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Virginia. If a court finds any of the terms in this statement invalid the rest of the terms still are in full effect. You agree that all disputes or actions between you and AllinOneTravel LLC will be handled in binding arbitration. Arbitration is handled by the rules of the American Arbitration Association. All decisions from arbitration are final and binding.

Updates – AllinOneTravel LLC reserves the right to update or add new terms at any point. It is your responsibility to periodically check the terms of use for changes. Your continued use of the website constitutes your acceptance of any changes made.

Last Updated - August 3, 2016